Uzbek PhD students are continuing internship at OU

Nowadays many efforts are being done in order to develop science and education in Uzbekistan. Among them, the project “DSinGIS: Doctoral Studies in Geoinformatics” is being implemented in cooperation with several higher education institutions in the country and European higher education institutions with the coordination of the Obuda University.
Two PhD students from Uzbekistan, came to Obuda University for 2 months internship within the framework of the Erasmus + DSinGIS project on February 1, 2020; Ilhom Abdurahmanov, National Project Coordinator from the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers, and Medetbay Oteuliev from the Karakalpak State University. They were assigned a supervisor at Obuda University for two months. Małgorzata Verőné Dr. Wojtaszek is advisingI. Abdurahmanov who is working on the research topic “Improvement of methods for monitoring the condition and degradation of pastures by application of Remote Sensing techniques”, and Dr. Andrea Pődör supports M. Oteuliev, who is working on the research topic “Territorial differences of the quality of life of the population (on the example of the Republic of Karakalpakstan)”.
“Due to the pandemic situation that is currently a problem all over the world, we have not been able to return to Uzbekistan on time. But even so, thanks to Dr. Lorant Foldvary, Project Coordinator that he extended our internship with scholarship. Nowadays we are working remotely from home, and continuing our internship by following the rules of quarantine in Hungary. We really appreciate the close assistance of the staff of the Obuda University and their help during our stay in Szekesfehervar.” – I. Abduramanov said.
For Ilhom it is not first time to be in Hungary that he studied his second MSc study at the University of West Hungary (currently University of Sopron) during 2014-2016 years. He also visited Hungary and participated in the meetings within the Erasmus+ DSinGIS project. Medetbay also visited Hungary during his MSc study at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Both of them are married, and Ilhom has a son in Uzbekistan who is 8 months old.
During their stay in Hungary they have been preparing scientific papers related to our research topic in order to publish them on journals recognised by Scopus; making literature review and exploring different methods as well as participating in research related webinars, online meetings, seminars and conferences.
“Usually we cook ourselves at the apartment that we are renting during our stay as we have enough experience in cooking different Uzbek National and some European foods. Moreover, we run every early morning at about 6 am when almost nobody outside as it is useful for our health. Usually we go for shopping once or twice a week, and the rest of time we stay at home. If we go outside, we always use masks and gloves as it is really important nowadays in such pandemic situation. For sure we really miss our families and we almost every day talk with them by using different video-calling applications.We wish you all to take care of yourselves and stay healthy! We hope the situation will be fine again very soon and we pray for this!” – M. Oteuliev said.

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