MHSSE and HEIs can adapt best practices from the project.
New pedagogic approaches will spread in UZ HEIs.
UZ HEIs will be able to increase cooperation with GI industry.
Industry in geospatial sector will be able to offer new innovative business products.
Society benefit from innovations by enhanced quality of decisions, performance and interactivity of services, reduction of costs and resource consumption and improvement contact between citizens and government.

Specific Outputs:

WP1: International Cooperation Agreements;
WP2: Needs and responses, Accredited Doctoral Programme;
WP3: PhD courses: 8 courses in English, 10 courses in UZ;
WP4: IT platform and Knowledge pool, 5 PhD research labs, Joint Research Centre, Business Model;
WP5: Glossary of geospatial terms in UZ language;
WP6:Training in management and administration, on learning support methodologies, on supervision and research methodologies, Summer School; Doctoral candidates studying in the EU;
WP7: Regular scientific GI conferences;
WP8: Quality Manual, Evaluation Plan, Quality Enhancement Programme, Self-evaluation reports on Internationalization;
WP9: Website, Project visibility materials, Awareness building events