GI_Week 2021: GI_Forum, AGIT and ISDE

GI_Forum 2021 | July 5 – 9 |

Given all the current uncertainties we’re dealing with at the moment, as well as having our international core GI_Forum audience in mind, we decided to organize this year’s GI_Forum as virtual conference, with a few selected on-site events, if the circumstances allow it.

The German-language AGIT is currently being planned as an on-site conference. However, we’re prepared to switch to a hybrid- or online event, should the circumstances require it.

Even though many details are not all clear at the moment, one thing is for sure: we will definitely meet during the first week of July! Join us!

The idea behind our motto re.connecting spatially

Geoinformatics today demonstrates the enormous potentials of georeferencing technologies and is recognized as a core contributor for digitization in all areas of our lives and economies. In order to direct societies and economies (back) to a “well-functioning” upwards trajectory primarily requires

close coupling of our real and virtual worlds by means of location and current position.

Coordinates connect all location-based data with contextual information. Integration by means of ‘spatial joins’ results in new information, thus, providing additional knowledge for decision-making processes for science, economy and our entire society.

ISDE 2021 part of this year‘s GI_Week

The International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE) Takes place for the 12th time in 2021. The department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS will host English-language conference as part of this year’s GI_Week, together with GI_Forum and AGIT during the first week of July. More details are available at

Please note, that in case you submit your contribution to ISDE12 that its prices apply. Find more details at

Call for Papers is still open until February 01, 2021

Please visit to submit your contribution and to find all necessary information in order to be able to do so.

Choose the format that fits you – we offer a variety of different formats!

We welcome contributions of the entire GIScience realm, including different perspectives from various professions and disciplines. Submissions concentrate on innovation in education, science, methodology and technologies in the spatial domain and their role towards a more just, ethical, sustainable and open science and society. Hence the focus of GI_Forum 2021 is on but not limited to:

·         Advances in GIScience

·         Citizen Science

·         Geo-social analytics

·         Learning and education with Geomedia

·         Urban Data Science & sustainable cities

Call for Full- & Short Papers is still open until February 01, 2021

Call for Workshops, Fora or EXPO presentations are open until February 26, 2021.

Call for Posters is open until May 01, 2021.

>Hier finden Sie den AGIT Call als pdf – wir würden uns freuen, wenn Sie diesen in Ihren Netzwerken teilen.

Find our GI_Forum Call for Papers as pdf >here  – we’d very much appreciate if you could also share it within your professional networks.

For your information

Online registration opens in April 2021. An Early Bird Rate will be available again for everybody who registers by May 25. Details on this year’s ticket prices are listed at

We’re looking forward to receiving numerous interesting contributions and thank you in advance for sharing our Call for Papers!

In case you have any questions, please contact

All the best,
Julia for the GI_Forum Team