First PhD Defence in DSinGIS programme delivered at TIIAME

The environmental crisis of the Aral Sea region made the task of preserving the natural environment to be one of the most pressing problems. As a result of the fast development of informatics, we are able to study increasingly more complex models of the real world, both the detail of databases and the complexity of algorithms are increasing.

The main goal of ERASMUS+ DSinGIS project was to develop an interdisciplinary PhD program. Although developments are still underway, the first PhD candidate, Mamanbek Reimov has reported his interdisciplinary research findings on 10 October 2020 at Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers.

Mr. Reimov has completed a pioneering research on the analysis of ecosystem of the Lower Amudarya State Biosphere Reserve. In his dissertation practical measures were proposed first time, to increase the sustainability and optimize human interactions with economic actions.   


Beyond the Uzbek colleagues, Lorant Foldvary and Bela Markus from the DSinGIS consortium have also participated on the defence held via ZOOM.