3rd Call for applications

EU funds the development of a structured doctoral program for Uzbekistan in geoinformation sciences (DSinGIS). Within DSinGIS, European and Uzbek universities collaborate with the goal to create a new curriculum for a doctoral programme intended to elevate Uzbek graduates to a higher academic level and improve the country’s capacity in education and research. The activities include training programmes for teachers, new doctoral programmes, an international network in the field of geospatial sciences, an e-learning platform and a glossary of geospatial terms in Uzbek. The project has a planned duration of three years and is funded under the EU ERASMUS+.

The DSinGIS project provides grants for emerging scholar from Uzbekistan for a 60-day stay at the EU partner institutions (see http://www.dsingis.eu/partners). The grants should enable Uzbek partners preparing for or carrying their PhD research to collaborate intensively with EU partners with the aim to improve their research capacities and to advance their doctoral research.

Detailed information about the grant details, including a list of suggested topics for collaboration, can be found at http://geoinformatics.uz/dsingis/2019/06/23/scholarship3/. Detailed information about list of suggested research topics with abstract can be downloaded here